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Mundo Sostenible - 6 months ago

☀️ Illuminate the future for Peruvian kids with solar power

We couldn't be more grateful!

Thanks for everyone's support! Now We're off to Cusco to put that money to work and make a difference in the lives of the children we support.

Current Milestone

Project identification and strategy

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UNIFY - 7 months ago

⛑️ Join the Urgent Relief Effort: Provide Trauma Care to Those Affected by Devastating Earthquakes in Türkiye & Syria

Global Unified Mediation and Prayer a Success!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our global synchronized meditation yesterday. (Check out the recording here.) We could not be more grateful for those who showed up as a global community to GATHER, PRAY, ACT, and GIVE.

We'd also like to thank all participants, especially David Lilie of SAMS, who joined to give us a detailed understanding of the on-the-ground reality in Syria, and the importance of SAMS work in these crucial weeks.

We can be part of the change. Every action, prayer,

Current Milestone

The Road to Recovery: Let's Send $5k to Aid the Emergency Response

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NoLimbah - 7 months ago

♻️ Scale Decentralized Recycling in Indonesia

New Local Users, Community Training, and Behavioral Changes for Waste Management at Home

The NoLimbah App has collected 200kg of inorganic waste, all thanks to your support! This time, 100% of the waste collected was sorted, compared to 86% during our last round of testing. This is a big behavioral change toward better waste disposal! Almost 50kg of rice were distributed to households and collectors to incentivize their consistency in keeping the environment cleaner by using the NoLimbah app.

However, we are still far from achieving our FINAL goals!
And we need your help!

Current Milestone

5,000 Kgs of Inorganic Waste Collected using the NoLimbah App in Bali

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🦥 Educate Children on Ecology and Sloth Conservation with The Kukula Club

Our First Graduation Was A Success! Now We Need To Bring These Activities to More Children!

Our first group of kids has just completed the Kukula Club! While we are so sad to see them go, we want to be able to give these experiences to even more children in the area and beyond.

Current Milestone

Help us provide the Kukula Club Program to 15 additional children

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Gaia Gives - 8 months ago

🌍 Redefine Fundraising For The Next Generation of Givers

5 Projects Down, 5 To Go

Wow, the past month since launch has been a wild ride! We've been working hard to perfect our onboarding and promotion process, all to make sure our upcoming online course for NGOs helps them knock their marketing out of the park.

Recently, we've added some amazing partners like Mobile Mini Children Circus, Mariposa Foundation and NoLimbah, and we've got even more in the pipeline. (Fourteen of whom have already signed up for the course!)

And here's some exciting news: our platform raffle is now live!

Current Milestone

Help us onboard the next cohort of 10 global impact projects

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