☀️ Illuminate the future for Peruvian kids with solar power

By Mundo Sostenible
Install solar panels at a school in southern Peru to provide clean energy and improve the lives of 750 children
raised from 21 backers

About This Project

Fight climate change and strengthen a community with renewable energy

Installing solar panels results in a significant reduction in energy costs. The money that this school will no longer spend on their monthly electricity bills can now be used for other supplies and services essential to their mission.

This campaign is for you if…

  • you are invested in tackling the root cause of a problem to find a long-term solution
  • you believe that climate action and access to education are key components in shaping a more equitable, sustainable, and hopeful future
  • you’re a digital nomad/ex-pat/traveler in Latin America who is looking for a way to give back

After investing in this campaign you’ll...

  • Make a lasting change instead of a temporary quick-fix 🛠️
    By investing in solar panels, you are creating infrastructure that will reduce emissions and save money long-term. This means that you are not making a one-time contribution, you will be making a difference every month for years to come.

  • Fight climate change with clean energy 🌍 🌱
    With an average of 330 sunny days per year, Southern Peru is an ideal candidate for solar energy. Last year, solar energy systems we installed produced 9.1 MWh of renewable electricity and reduced carbon emissions by more than half of a metric ton.

  • Cultivate resources for our partner organizations 💵

    Last year solar energy systems we installed generated $2460 in savings for our partner facilities. These savings allow them to allocate their limited funds towards other critical areas, such as improving the quality of their services, expanding their programs, and supporting their staff and volunteers.

  • Enrich the lives of 750 children through education 📚
    Our largest project to date, this school educates approximately 750 children in the Cusco region of Peru. The monthly savings from transitioning to solar power means the school has more money to invest in their students through teachers, supplies, scholarships, as well as intercultural and extra-curricular programs.

  • Create exponential impact by empowering community service organizations ⚡
    We partner with schools, orphanages, shelters, and care facilities. In 2022, we partnered with seven facilities that served a total of 248 children and seniors. You are not only investing in these organizations, but in every person who benefits from their services.

  • See the tangible results of your contribution 🔎
    We believe in transparency, we’ll send updates on our progress and show you how money is being spent. We stay in touch with our project partners to learn how their savings have made an impact and we will share that information with you.

  • Give agency to the people you are investing in 💪
    There’s a reason we use the word “partner”. The facilities we work with have a voice in the planning and implementation of every project. We collaborate with facilities that have a plan in place to use energy savings to improve the lives of the people under their care.

Budget overview - $7000

Project Identification and Strategy   $350
Purchase Solar Modules and Array Structure $1,800
Purchase inverter and transport components to site $1,900
Project Installation   $1,800
One month follow-up   $350
Five years of operation, evaluation, maintenance, and verification (OEM&V)  $800

Funded and Verified!

Project identification and strategy

Every project starts with a site evaluation. We work with our partners to figure out what type of solar energy system is right for them and where to install it. We analyze their current energy costs and plan how to maximize savings and utilize them e

Mar 29
We couldn't be more grateful!

Thanks for everyone's support! Now We're off to Cusco to put that money to work and make a difference in the lives of the children we support.

Currently Fundraising

Purchase Solar Modules and Array Structure

$1,659 Raised of $1,800 Milestone Goal

Solar modules capture the sun’s energy. They are are mounted on a structure for the array in the ideal position to maximize annual exposure to solar radiation. We only buy components that have earned US and EU certifications for quality and manufactu

Upcoming Milestone

Purchase inverter and transport components to site

$1,900 Goal

The inverter converts the energy from the DC to AC (usable electricity for the facility). We only buy components that have earned US and EU certifications for quality and manufacturing best practices. It’s incredibly important to us that these system

Upcoming Milestone

Project installation and equipment

$1,800 Goal

Our experienced engineers travel to each project site, ship/transport all the necessary equipment, and conduct the project implementation. We work alongside our project partners to provide training about the system’s components and how to keep them i

Upcoming Milestone

Complete a one-month follow-up visit

$350 Goal

We return to each project site after one month to be sure the system is working as promised and to answer any questions our partners might have. This one month period isn’t arbitrary; we are excited to see the first electricity bill so that we can cr

Upcoming Milestone

Five years of operation, evaluation, maintenance, and verification (OEM&V)

$800 Goal

We guarantee our work for five years, which is unheard of in the industry in Peru. If our partners have any issues, we are available for advice or to return for troubleshooting and component repairs or replacements if necessary. We remotely monitor e

Who's behind this Project

Mundo Sostenible

Mundo Sostenible designs and implements small to medium-scale solar energy projects at orphanages, schools, and shelters in marginalized communities in southern Peru. Through access to affordable clean energy, we aim to foster sustainability and economic growth in these communities.

Learn more about Mundo Sostenible

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raised from 21 backers
Current Milestone
Purchase Solar Modules and Array Structure

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