🎓 Help Students in Zambia Access High Quality Education

By Edulution
Finance a Year of Innovative Ed-Tech Learning for 300 Children in Zambia's Communities
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About This Project

Empower vulnerable Zambian learners with innovative Ed-tech, giving them access to crucial numeracy skills and a chance at a better future. By supporting this campaign, you will play a crucial role in transforming the lives of 300 vulnerable children in Zambia's impoverished communities. Your monthly donation of $25 will finance a digital learning program, allowing them to catch up in essential numeracy skills and access a better future. Join our Change Tribe and help us revolutionize education in Africa with innovative Ed-Tech.

This campaign is for:
✅ Visionary change-makers who want to make a real difference in the world.
✅ Parents, students, teachers, and educators who believe in the power of education to drive sustainable development.
✅ Individuals who want to provide digital learning opportunities to children in the most rural communities.
✅ Supporters who want to receive regular impact data and see how their contributions are making a difference.
✅ Monthly donors who want to help us realize this project for an entire year.

When giving to this project, you'll:
🚀 Empower 300 vulnerable children in Zambia's impoverished communities with access to innovative Ed-Tech.
🚀 Finance a digital learning program that will help them catch up in essential numeracy skills and access a better future.
🚀 Receive bi-weekly photo and video updates from our coaches, Wendy and Alex.
🚀 Get a quarterly impact report detailing learner improvement and progress.
🚀 Engage in live video sessions with learners twice a year.

Budget per month:

Equipment & Materials: $396
HR & Coaches: $1056
HR & Tech: $198
Project Management: $462
M&E & Learning: $264
Overheads: $264
Total: $2,640
*Edulution's in-house M&E system tracks learner data, allowing coaches to guide their efforts based on four key performance indicators (KPIs):

Number of learners: 300 children from grades 4-7 enrolled in the program
Contact: Learners must attend 11 hours per month
Retention: 80% attendance per month
Outcomes: 80% improvement in course assessments
Coach Wendy and Alex are responsible for achieving these KPIs and creating real impact on learners. They will share this impact data with supporters in the Quarterly Impact Report.

Currently Fundraising Ends Mar 26

Q1: 🚀Help us build the foundation for success for 300 learners at Chartonel Primary School

$0 Raised of $7,920 Milestone Goal

Milestone 1
Let's get started! Wendy and Alex will be setting up the learning center, creating their daily schedule, and developing their plan to achieve their KPIs. Follow their journey as they launch the program in the 2023 academic school year.

Upcoming Milestone

Q2: 🤝Be part of the retention strategy, help learners keep coming back

$7,920 Goal

Winter is here, and the learners are working hard to catch up in math. We will introduce you to the school, the teachers, and staff and how we are working together to keep the retention rate at 80%.

📸 Bi-weekly photo & video updates

Upcoming Milestone

Q3: 💪Support our efforts to achieve 11 hours of contact per month

$7,920 Goal

Help us achieve our goal of providing 11 hours of contact per month for each learner. Follow the learners' journey and the impact the program is making on the community. Wendy and Alex will interview some of the parents and learn how the maths progra

Upcoming Milestone

Q4: 🌟Be part of the final push to achieve an 80% improvement rate

$7,920 Goal

Be part of the learners' journey as they show their results and achieve their goals. It's been a year - what do the learners think about the program, and how has it changed their lives? How are the grade 7 learners performing, and are they ready for

Who's behind this Project


Edulution runs numeracy catch-up programs in Learning Centres in schools in remote rural areas in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia, and refugee camps. The model provides a unique mix of technology, local coaches, high quality content, and evidence-based analytics that enable students to revise and master essential numeracy and ITC skills.

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Current Milestone
Q1: 🚀Help us build the foundation for success for 300 learners at Chartonel Primary School
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