🐻 Connect a Wildlife Corridor To Let Nature Thrive in Mompiche Ecuador

By Save The Paradise Foundation
Join the fight to protect endangered wildlife and ancient trees. With just 7 more hectares, you can create a corridor of 300 hectares of rainforest, crucial for nature's survival.
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About This Project

Our generation has a clear call to mitigate the climate crisis before it’s irreversible. By supporting this campaign you will be part of a critical step of 3 years of hard work and connect a wildlife corridor of 300 hectares that will be designated as a natural reserve in perpetuity in Mompiche, North-West Ecuador.

Not only will you be saving ancient trees, but you will also prevent the land from being converted into a pig farm and monoculture plantation. Why is a pig farm so bad? The two patches are right next to the river. This river is the main natural source of water for all the animals but also for the local people of Mompiche.
We purchase the land from landowners who just want to feed their families. First come first served, as simple as that. The clock is ticking.

This campaign is for you if…

You are a nature lover to the bone. If you believe in plants as medicine for the people.
You feel that we humans are just humble visitors of Mother Nature.
You know that we humans can make a difference by connecting.

After investing in this campaign you’ll…

✅ Know exactly where your investments are going 🔍
Track progress through our map progress report and updates on our Social Media platforms.

✅ Keep the river clean from pig 💩
By preventing the land being used for a pig-farm you'll help the neighbouring village to maintain a clean water hygiene.

✅ Add 300 hectares to the rainforest to help wildlife thrive 🐣
Securing this patch will warrant the connectivity of 300 hectares of rainforest. It’s important to understand that if the connection between the patches is broken, wildlife that inhabits this area can’t thrive. Connectivity is crucial for the survival of wildlife amid the climate crisis.

✅ Help grow the rainforest for once and prevent it from being cut forever 🌎
You will make this area protected under the surveillance of the prefecture of Esmeraldas province, North Ecuador. By designating it as a natural reserve in perpetuity. NO ONE can touch this land ever again. Nature will be safe forever!

Project Impacts

Funded and Verified!

Rescue the River: Protect 1.5 Hectares of Endangered Land from Polluting Pig Farm

In this milestone, we aim to protect a crucial 1.5-hectare patch of land that is in immediate danger of being converted into a pig farm. This land is located directly next to the river, making it essential to preserve. With your support, we can purch

Currently Fundraising

Give Back to Mother Earth: Preserve 3 Hectares of Land for Future Generations

$2,454 Raised of $12,000 Milestone Goal

Our goal is to purchase and protect 3 hectares of land, the first step towards preserving a 5.6-hectare patch. With your help, we can ensure that this land is reserved for future generations, allowing it to thrive and grow in its natural state.


Upcoming Milestone

Prevent Forest Fires: Save 2.6 Hectares of Endangered Forest

$13,900 Goal

In this milestone, we aim to purchase and protect the last 2.6 hectares of endangered forest, ensuring that it will not be burned down. With your support, we can secure this land and preserve it for generations to come.

Budget: $13,900
Land (

Who's behind this Project

Save The Paradise Foundation

Save the Paradise Foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting tropical rainforests in the Chocó region of Ecuador, a biodiversity hotspot under severe threat from deforestation. We purchase patches of rainforest from private landowners and legally designate the land as an ecological reserve in perpetuity, ensuring its protection from commercial, agricultural, or industrial exploitation. Our goal is to create a network of contiguous protected areas to preserve the ecosystem and its inhabitants for future generations. Through community engagement,

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Support This Project

raised from 39 backers
Current Milestone
Give Back to Mother Earth: Preserve 3 Hectares of Land for Future Generations

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