🕊️ Build the First Universal Peace Sanctuary in Nepal (Coming Soon)

By Peace Sanctuary
Participate in the creation of a multicultural temple for peace and contemplation at the birthplace of the Buddha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site #keepthepeace

About This Project

Inspired by a lotus flower — the universal symbol of peace — Shyalpa Rinpoche was able to actualize his vision for the design of this spectacular building with the expertise of world-renowned architect Stephan Braunfels, as well as an international team of engineers, architects, and designers. People from all over the world will be able to visit The Universal Peace Sanctuary and experience teachings of wisdom tradition from spiritual leaders, indigenous elders, and brilliant thinkers, helping bridge cultural divides, connect and explore the true meaning of a peaceful co-existence with all sentient beings.

Project Impacts

Who's behind this Project

Peace Sanctuary

In a world in which there is unending conflict, environmental degradation and widespread fear, anxiety and greed; it has never been more necessary for humanity to co-create a sanctuary dedicated to peace.

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