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The Sloth Conservation Foundation protects sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives and provides educational training for local communities in Costa Rica.


SloCo was founded in 2016 by sloth researcher Dr. Rebecca Cliffe, who worked extensively with sloths for over 10 years conducting field research and publishing numerous scientific papers on the ecology, biology, genetics, and physiology of sloths in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Brazil. Throughout this period, she has witnessed first-hand the array of rapidly increasing problems being faced by wild sloth populations. SloCo was founded with the determination to stimulate progressive change and achieve lasting solutions through research and conservation initiatives.
Sloths simply cannot adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Therefore, saving these incredible animals from extinction requires innovative and long-term conservation solutions that will target both the human and sloth populations, with the goal of developing sustainable ways in which humans and sloths can coexist. We have developed a range of strategies and programs which aim to achieve this objective in Costa Rica. These range from increasing habitat connectivity in urban areas to educating children in local communities and conducting high-quality scientific research into many aspects of sloth biology and ecology.

What makes us different?
We are the only foundation working with sloths who are directly funding the conservation of the species and doing the necessary research to find out the best ways to help conserve the species and their direct needs.

Current Projects

Plant the seeds of environmental knowledge and awareness for effective community-based conservation