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We purchase endangered patches of rainforest in Mompiche Ecuador and connect them to create a wildlife corridor where nature will be protected forever.
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Save the Paradise Foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting tropical rainforests in the Chocó region of Ecuador, a biodiversity hotspot under severe threat from deforestation. We purchase patches of rainforest from private landowners and legally designate the land



Save the Paradise Foundation was founded by Chrissy van der Linden, a Dutch animal lover, and Stefano Bajak, an Ecuadorian nature enthusiast. Both had previously worked in the fast-paced and demanding audiovisual industry before finding respite in Mompiche, a small coastal town in the north of Ecuador. However, they soon discovered that the lush forest surrounding their home was rapidly disappearing and felt compelled to take action.

Their initial goal was to save as much forest as possible, but their priorities quickly evolved. They wanted to make a difference in the community and protect the natural beauty of Mompiche for generations to come. After two years of hard work, the Save the Paradise Foundation has gained the support of like-minded individuals and committed neighbors who share their vision. They work closely with the local community to implement conservation efforts and create opportunities for eco-tourism, providing an alternative to destructive industries like logging and mining.

Current Projects

Join the fight to protect endangered wildlife and ancient trees. With just 7 more hectares, you can create a corridor of...