Award-winning modular system of 3D-printed rrreef bricks, made with pure clay to restore and rebuild coral reef worldwide
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Our Mission

Our mission is to rebuild coral reefs to sustain a healthy ocean for life below water and to bring back abundant marine biodiversity. Our well-designed reef made of 3-D printed clay reefs create a solution to regenerate damaged reef, restoring reef ecosystem services such as biodiversity,




By 2033, we want to have revived 1% of coastal coral reefs on Planet Earth.


Our values are passion, transparency, respect, curiosity.

• Passion for the ocean unites us as a team, and drives us to be our best every day. We are determined to reach a massive positive impact for the oceans, the planet, and human societies.
• Embracing a ‘no-bullshit’ philosophy, we refuse to make false promises. Honesty and transparency are key to our communication.
• At the core of our initiative lie respect and empathy for nature and all living beings. We strive to create a healthy, caring, and appreciative working environment, open to everyone regardless of gender, beliefs, or ethnicity.
• We are guided by curiosity, critical thinking, and the pursuit of new challenges, while adhering to scientific standards and high quality of work.


The 3 r’s in rrreefs stand for rethinking, rebuilding and regenerating.

We rethink how to reverse the global decline of coral reefs. With our eco-engineered modular reef system we rebuild resilient and self-sufficient marine ecosystems with our eco-engineered modular reef system and with that we regenerate degraded coral reefs. We are needed because coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate. More than 75% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by climate change. Our reef has proven to enable corals to settle and grow after 6-12 months and restore biodiversity.

Current Projects

Help to rebuild at least 15 m3 coral reefs with eco-engineered clay modules in Ecuador to restore biodiversity and prote...