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A community-led social enterprise building the largest recycled plastic EcoVillage in the world through circular economy approaches
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create the world's largest Recycled Village by utilizing a unique concept that empowers locals to develop self-sufficient systems and reduce waste.


We are a young and innovative team on a mission to make environmental protection a mainstream trend. Since 2019, we have been working tirelessly to come up with new ideas and initiatives to improve our planet.

One of our key initiatives is the creation of the world's largest recycling village, where we have recycled hundreds of tons of plastic waste. This project has grown into a holistic system that not only protects the environment, but also supports people, nature, and animals.

We believe in transparency and authenticity, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our initiatives. We have even partnered with the Indonesian government, which has recognized our project as a pilot to help expand waste management systems and support local economies in underdeveloped regions of Indonesia.

At Project Wings, we are committed to combining the fields of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and humanitarian aid to create a unified and impactful project. We are always open to new ideas, invitations to events, and opportunities to grow and make a difference. Together, we can find a way, not an excuse, to protect our planet.

Current Projects

Join the creation of a cultural kitchen made from recycled eco-bricks for cultural exchange, locally-sourced food, and n...