Innovative tech startup that encourages households to dispose of their waste responsibly in Indonesia
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We built a mobile application that is as simple as food delivery or ridesharing apps and helps households in Indonesia get their waste collected in minutes by connecting them to the nearest informal waste collector. Instead of paying a waste collection service like most households currently do,



Indonesia's plastic waste management system is in crisis. According to the Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP), 70% of the 6.8 million tons of plastic waste generated in 2020 was mismanaged, with 60% of it not being collected at all. Households were responsible for 41.4% of this waste. This mismanaged waste often ends up in rivers and oceans, causing significant damage to the environment. We need to address this problem at its source – on land.

How your donations will have an impact

With your support, we can make a significant impact on waste management in Indonesia. We have developed a mobile application, NoLimbah, that ensures household waste collection through a fair and profitable model for all parties involved – users, collectors, contributors, and business partners.

-NoLimbah is a simple, user-friendly mobile application that connects households with informal waste collectors, helping them get their waste collected in minutes.
-Instead of paying for waste collection, NoLimbah allows households to get paid for their inorganic waste contribution.
-The NoLimbah app helps local and informal waste collectors increase their productivity by providing them with directions on where and when to collect recyclable waste. This ensures that waste is collected efficiently and effectively, improving the overall waste management system in Indonesia.

Current Projects

Connect locals and train more collectors to ensure cheaper and simpler waste collection services in Bali.