Mundo Sostenible

Empowering marginalized communities in Southern Peru and fighting climate change through solar energy projects.
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Mundo Sostenible designs and implements small to medium-scale solar energy projects at orphanages, schools, and shelters in marginalized communities in southern Peru. Through access to affordable clean energy, we aim to foster sustainability and economic growth in these



We strive to transition Latin American economies to utilize 100% renewable energy and maximize opportunities for energy efficiency. We design initiatives that create positive change by focusing on three central pillars: social, economic, and environmental sustainability. This means centering the needs of the communities we work with and giving them agency in their economic development while tackling wealth inequality and fighting climate change.

Founded in 2018 in Arequipa, Peru, Mundo Sostenible began by thinking big about strategies for developing countries to reduce their carbon emissions and take a leading role in the global challenges presented by climate change. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the organization was presented with an opportunity to provide resources for a solar energy system at an orphanage for girls and boys located in the city of Arequipa. Upon completion of the project and the immediate positive impact it had on the facility’s operating budget, our first program was born. Nuestra Energía, or “Our Energy” in Spanish, offers significant funding assistance to install solar energy systems at orphanages, schools, shelters, clinics, and community centers that meet certain basic requirements. This allows these facilities to redirect resources from energy to priorities like new nursing staff to care for children with disabilities, and educational resources. The resulting energy savings translate to significant CO2 emissions reductions given the scale of these facilities compared to private residences and small businesses.

Current Projects

Install solar panels at a school in southern Peru to provide clean energy and improve the lives of 750 children