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Providing Radically Accessible, Cutting-Edge Psychedelic Training and Care
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The brainchild of decorated Spanish psychotherapist, Iker Puente, the Instituto Transpersonal Integrativo was created to bring the cutting edge psychedelic informed client care to the Spanish speaking community. His +180 hours training provides a safe and confidential space



The Integrative Transpersonal Institute is an innovative, professional, and humane space where one can explore and discover the therapeutic, transformative, and evolutionary potential of transpersonal psychology and expanded states of consciousness within a safe context. The institute offers training, psychotherapy, workshops, and conferences from an integrative and interdisciplinary approach.

Transpersonal psychology emerged 50 years ago when a group of psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists became interested in expanding the framework of psychology beyond its focus on the individual ego and personality, and integrating the spiritual dimension of human nature and existence. Transpersonal psychology recognizes the contribution made by different schools of psychology and works towards their integration. Traditionally, different models in psychotherapy have been considered antagonistic and incompatible, but transpersonal psychology emerges as an integrative approach that overcomes these dichotomies.

Current Projects

Support radically accessible Spanish language psychedelic professional training, delivering a world-class curriculum for...