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A non-profit foundation empowering marginalized communities to take charge of their own livelihoods and economic future.
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We focus on community development through economic empowerment. We are dedicated to helping communities realize and share their abundance through Economic Commons with vouchers that can act as a medium of exchange and become Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs).



The LGBTQI+ community in Kenya still faces significant levels of discrimination and alienation every day, but our currency program, established one year ago, shows great promise in mitigating obstacles and charting a new and improved way forward. We are the first transgender communities to have created a Digital Voucher. MDI (derived from the community name Malindi Desire Initiative), serves as an alternative means of payment proposing a solution for the lack of monetary access within the community.

As a byproduct of discrimination and lack of equal rights, LGBTQI+ individuals within the coastal region find themselves in increasingly vulnerable circumstances and are highly susceptible to mental health issues, HIV, and sex work as the main source of income. MDI not only serves as an alternative means of payment to complement the lack of national currency among members but also acts as an educational tool in informing on best practices when it comes to sex work. Individuals join the community meetings to get tested for HIV, they receive educational material and become a part of a save space to fully express their authenticity without being judged. Together with the program team they receive entrepreneurship courses, and can create strong partnerships with others.

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Join the fight against inequality by supporting the Malindi Desire Initiative, the first transgender community to create...