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We are a network of Psychedelic Society leaders from around the world working to build community and change the cultural narrative around psychedelics from the ground up.
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Our Mission

Around the world, hundreds of Psychedelic Societies meet regularly to provide peer education around psychedelics. We empower these organizers with the resources to build and support their local communities with an inclusive, risk-reducing, and benefit-maximizing approach to advocacy,




We envision a post-prohibition world where people interested in psychedelics can access education, resources, and preparation/integration tools through their local community.


Inclusive Community
In prioritizing community as our core value, GPS seeks to generate an open and inclusive space for societies around the world to feel welcome to grow together and gain resources to enhance their respective societies.

Regenerative Stewardship
The work of GPS is grounded in a collaborative and regenerative process, where everyone can contribute to building the project and no one is being exploited. The goal in doing so is to be able to hand GPS down to future generations as something that can continue growing.

Accountable Leadership
As leaders we are committed to serving the Psychedelic societies of the world in a way that inspires people to generate and actualize their ideal psychedelic community. As leaders, we take responsibility and accountability to remain in line with these agreed upon values.

Meet the Co-Directors

Since 2015, Mike Margolies has worked full-time in psychedelic education and community building, creating spaces for nuanced, open and honest conversations.

Publicly, his most known project is Psychedelic Seminars. On the PsychSems stage, he has interviewed a range of leaders including bestselling author Michael Pollan, Dr. James Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman on microdosing, and Johns Hopkins psychedelic research legend Bill Richards.

Behind the scenes, Mike has started and led several community organizations and professional networks within the psychedelic space.
Jessica 'Jaz' Cadoch is a cultural and medical anthropologist who has been studying and involved in the psychedelic movement since 2016. With a particular interest in the intermingling of conventional models and psychedelic-assisted therapy, Jaz is concerned with ensuring that psychedelic practices are carefully and ethically integrated into modern Western society and culture.

As the former Executive Director of the Montreal Psychedelic Society and volunteer in the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, Jaz is a long-time community and grassroots member of the psychedelic movement. She also co-founded ALKEMI, a consulting firm for psychedelic ethics & accountability, and contributed to the process of Colorado’s Proposition 122 - the Natural Medicine Health Act.

Current Projects

Resource hundreds of emerging psychedelic leaders to build community and change the cultural narrative around psychedeli...