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Grass-roots incubator for social and environmental initiatives in Germany
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We think globally and act locally by providing an open platform to initiate projects and events that contribute to local environmental activism, behavioral change, and social entrepreneurship.


Gaia Protection was established by Lila Behr, one of Gaia Gives' founders paved the way toward creating Gaia Gives. Lila started working with the Precious Plastic Movement in Indonesia and Germany in 2018 and found many like-minded peers during her journey, who seek environmental change and social justice. Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of power of an individual against large governments, climate regulations, and bureaucracy, we united forces and organized PROJECT EARTH, an event that featured speeches, workshops, and networking opportunities for the different local associations in Bamberg, Germany. We witnessed many people have great ideas to implement small changes in our local communities. Yet, often these fell through from the lack of funding and like-minded individuals. Gaia Protection was founded as a not-for-profit association that enables anyone from the local community to get active by starting a new project, organizing an event, or getting a community of supporters. With Gaia Protection as a legal umbrella, our members could access impact grants and government funding for their initiatives. Our organization is deeply rooted in the environmental and social ecosystem of our hometown of Bamberg in Germany. We work closely with the local government, schools, the university of Bamberg, and other social organization like Lebenshilfe e.V., Einmal Ohne Bitte, and ZwischenGezeiten. Our goal is to facilitate daily environmental behavior and encourage people to participate in local activism.

Working on a hyper-local approach to building environmental awareness

Gaia Protection serves as a legal entity for solution-oriented individuals who want to develop projects and work together toward a more sustainable, social, and just future. Our Non-Profit offers a collaborative platform of social entrepreneurs, impact projects, and scientists that support each other to turn visions into reality. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for social and environmental impact!

Part of our mission is to participate in environmental education and raise awareness for climate change for young and old. To reduce our climate impact now, it is inevitable that change needs to come from politics and industries. Still, to ensure a future for our planet, change needs to come from within in our behaviors and ways of living - especially in developed countries like Germany, where people's consumption choices can have a global impact. That is our motto: act local - think global!

Current Projects

Promote environmental education in middle schools through plastic recycling workshops and social entrepreneurship course...