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To accelerate positive impact and awareness across the mainstream, leveraging the audiences of influencers for philanthropic, humanitarian causes.


Gaia House is a pioneering philanthropic content house that empowers global impact, education, and sustainability through a collaborative journey of Gen-Z content creators and influencers. Together, they embark on "give back missions" across the globe, working with local non-profit organizations to raise funds and amplify their causes. This journey is documented in an impactful docu-series that engages audiences to act locally and globally, right from the comfort of their own homes. By strategically partnering with mainstream creators and influencers, Gaia House is able to bring important social impact stories to a wider audience and inspire collective action to educate, engage, and raise awareness on a global scale.

Current Projects

The Mariposa Project provides a comprehensive program to break the cycle of poverty - one girl at a time.
Support the Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic Foundation, working to bring systemic change through policy-making a...