Chepe se Baña

Helping homeless people and migrants in transit by providing first aid, sanitation and professional services
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide medical care, showers, food, and education services for people with extreme social vulnerability. We populate an art school to offer educational classes, music, art, and occupational therapy in hopes of fostering social reintegration.


We are committed to serving people in need, showing them love through our actions regardless of their current circumstances. Homeless people and migrants from vulnerable communities like Venezuela are in need of first aid, sanitation, and specialized coaches, who can help them overcome their current situation.

What makes our organization important for the capital's streets?

We provide a first aid platform for people that were left alone and need to be brought back into civil society. We come up with rapid solutions in times of extreme conditions, develop projects and provide needed resources. Often times governmental systems can't help quickly enough and provide the immediate solutions needed-- that is where we come in. We provide an efficient support platform for immediate action.

Current Projects

Help build a shelter for migrant families in transit through Costa Rica, where they are provided with safety, psychologi...