We need your help fostering grassroots psychedelic community in the United Kingdom

Our mission is to create a culture of connection. Our events help awaken and inspire people to reconnect with what has been lost. We take a broad view of the psychedelic experience to include all those practices that are ‘soul revealing’ such as breathwork, intimacy work, meditation, and more.

With a team of nine UK-based staff and over 100 facilitators and speakers, we proudly operate as a not-for-profit worker co-operative based on Teal principles of radical democracy and participation.

In 2022, we hosted 10,629 people at 387 events, lectures, retreats, and courses. We have 1,061 monthly members in thirteen countries.

But we need support to continue this work. By donating to The Psychedelic Society, you will be helping to fund our team in putting on events, workshops, developing harm reduction materials, and creating an alternative cultural space with a mature and respectful relationship to psychedelics.

Join us in our mission to promote psychedelic education and create a more compassionate and connected world. Your support will make a difference in the lives of countless individuals seeking healing and personal growth.

To support us, please donate to the project below 👇 - 70% of every donation from this page will be channeled to us directly, and the rest goes to support the Global Psychedelic Society. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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About The Psychedelic Society (UK)

The Psychedelic Society is a mission-driven organization focused on building community, educating the public on psychedelics, and creating world-expanding experiences for curious souls.

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