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We believe that psychedelics, when used in a safe context, have the potential to transform lives, support individual and also collective healing, and even connect people to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Our events bring therapists, scientists and experts from various fields who share evidence based information and perspectives. Until today we have organised more than 60 talks and discussions, each for 100 - 400 people.
Until today we had also written more than 80 blog posts - bringing evidence based information, and together we published three books (Phenomen of Psychedelia, Psychedelics & Psychonautics 1,2).

Other activities of ours are dedicated to harm reduction - our Psycare team has provided safe space at tens of festivals and parties, we have an online help desk and we are creating a web of therapists who know how to deal with integration of psychedelic experience.
Last but not least we are part of an advisory organ at the government level.

However, to keep our services available to people we are mainly volunteering. Currently, we are running mainly on donations and we would really appreciate your support to continue our mission. By donating to the Czech Psychedelic Society, you will be helping to fund our projects that are continuously moving, step by step, psychedelics closer to broader public understanding and integration into the society in a responsible and respectful way. We believe that our country, with a longstanding history of psychedelic research, may become an example of how an access to clinical but also broader use of psychedelics may be implemented.

Your support will truly help us to support the change that may soon make a difference in the lives of countless individuals seeking healing and personal growth. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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The Czech Psychedelic Society is a community-oriented non profit organization dedicated to raising awareness around psychedelics, their potential, risks and benefits. We create evidence-based resources, organise educational events, advice to legal pa